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About Personnel Plus

Why choose our services

  • Our customer-centric approach looks to protect and enhance your brand or business while addressing staffing gaps.

  • Qualified, prescreened employees with skillsets in a variety of industries.

  • Experience in serving both small & mid-size businesses

Our process

  • How many are needed for staff support? What role is needed? When are they needed? We will implement a plan based on the specific needs — that can be scaled up or down as we know needs change. We are constantly updating our candidate database — allowing access to efficient and timely placements. 

Our obligation

How do we make a difference? One of our core values is to build relationships with our clients and staff alike. Addressing organizations needs. Our team can help assist any company’s staffing needs from payroll to on-site services.


We acknowledge competitors offer broad and often unspecialized plans, our strategy is customized to each of our clients' needs as we know not all worksites are the same. We know that for all business success in productivity and growth is to leverage and have an efficient workforce. Your Success, Our Goal and Our Obligation.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!